press about Patricia Duran

Patricia Duran shows natural talent.. takes on the passion and determination of Olivia .. real and unforced.

by Joan Tupponce. WCVE Public Radio

Any time the riveting Duran pops up on stage... the audience snaps to attention..

Houston Chronicle

Plays Elizabeth Barry, ..with stern conviction

Patricia Duran plays Elizabeth Barry with spunk, poignancy, delicacy and clarity.

Broadway Afer Dark

Patricia Duran is outstanding as Olivia, the brilliant scientist 

by John Porter WCVE Public Radio

.. amazing. to dig deep into her emotional bedrock and delivers a performance that is both riveting and heartrending.

John Porter For WCVE Public Radio

Patricia Duran...dazzles with searingly honest portrayal...

Susan Haubenstock Richmond Times Dispatch

Ms. Duran is wonderful..


Duran makes a pretty and powerful Joan...

Houston Press

Feverishly intense performance

Houston Chronicle

Patricia Duran makes a poised, elegant and self-absorbed Adria.

The Cook-Houston Chronicle
Trish Duran

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